Brixton Hits the Mark Once Again

There’s certain companies that you can always count on to deliver bomb-proof staples.

Brixton is certainly one. They’re not flashy garments, it’s not a flashy company, it’s just good quality gear that you can throw on every day. And now they’ve turned their attention to denim. Using the established cuts and styles, Brixton have incorporated the world’s most common textile into their range in the most risk-free way possible. The whole point of denim is that it’s warm, durable, and uncomplicated. Brixton have treated the fabric with the respect it deserves.

For the launch of their new arm, Brixton are keeping things simple. Jeans come in two speeds: the Standard-Fit which fits a little snugger and stretches, and the Relaxed-fit which is cut as the name suggests. Both feature a range of custom washes, button-flys (phew), and have all the custom Brixton rivets etc. that you’ve come to expect. In addition to the pants, they’ve added a denim jacket to the equation. In the style of the Cable Trucker Jacket, the jacket’s everything you’d want from one of the two styles of jacket that never leave the canon of modern dress sensibilities (the other’s leather). And, the cut’s just right—best to leave the aggressively cropped look to those still channelling Kings of Leon circa ’03.

Altogether it’s a very This is England launch, but hey, those skinheads could sure rock the denim. Whether you’re bold enough to whip out the clippers, Fred Perry and Docs, or you’re just looking for a solid pair of slacks/jacket that’s going to be on heavy rotation in the wardrobe from now until you’re too fat and old to wear ’em anymore, then Brixton’s got you more than covered.

Kit yourself out with some fresh denim here.

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