​​Bright Young Things: Reese Nelson

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Reese Nelson is nine and she skates better than most adults.

Which isn’t saying much because most adults can’t skate, but you know what we mean. Reese is incredible. Normally when a kid is good at skating, you’ll see them on the news right after the weather, and you’re like, ‘Aww, cute. The little grom can do a smith grind.’ But Reese is fast, her style is on point, and she has a bag of tricks that makes Santa’s sack look pretty meh. Reese already has already garnered a bunch of sponsors, and it won’t be long before we see her name on the bottom of a board. Wanna meet her? Let’s say hi.

How did you first get into skateboarding?
I first started skateboarding when I was four, but I don’t remember a time when I wasn’t skateboarding. Everyone tells me I saw my brother doing it and I wanted to try it.

What’s your favourite thing about growing up in Calgary?
My favourite thing is that I live so close to COP [Canada Olympic Park] and I can snowboard whenever I want.

Who’s your favourite skater and why? 
My favourite skater is Jimmy Wilkins because he’s amazing and I really like his style.


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What’s one of the best things you’re watching or listening to at the moment?
The best thing that I’ve been watching lately is Colin McKay and Mike Frazier’s old vert videos because they’re both really amazing and I get really good trick ideas from them.

When you’re not skateboarding, what other things do you like to do?
I like to draw or play dolls with my sister.


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What’s one thing you really want to achieve in the years to come, skateboarding or otherwise?
I really want to get my name on a Birdhouse board.

What does the world need more of in 2022?
The world needs more women vert skaters!

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