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Bright Young Things: Pero Šimić

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Pero Šimić is a young New York-based, Santa Cruz transplant who appears to be really, really good at everything he turns his hand to.

Which must suck because how do you choose one lane if you’re the lord of everything you touch? For the moment, though, Pero is excelling with the following disciplines: skateboarding, styling, photography, and modelling. That last one, modelling, is easy as shit to be good at, though—you just gotta be born good-looking, which Pero was. However, he can’t do ollie heels for shit so, you know, there’s that… We asked him some questions about how good he is and who he’d love to have for a roommate (spoiler: it’s Kanye).

Photos by Pero Simic

What’s the very first thing you do when you wake up in the morning?
Alright, first thing I usually do when I wake up in the morning is just make some coffee, it’s the driving force to get me out of bed. After that… I’ve been hyped on yoga in the mornings, so I’ll do a little 11-minute video I found on YouTube that’s pretty good for waking up. After that, just get the day going I guess.

Where did you grow up and how do you think it’s influenced where you’re at today?
I’m from a small town called Scotts Valley, California. It’s about five minutes outside of Santa Cruz. Then also my family is from Croatia which I think played a big role in me growing up, just going back to Croatia and being exposed to a different culture was very important. But also for me, being around my dad and other people who immigrated here and dropped their entire lives and took the biggest risk to move to the States and see what they can do there. That influenced me a lot in the sense that, ‘let me try moving to New York and figure out if I can pursue the things I wanna pursue.’ Like if they could do it, maybe I can give it a try too. I think that mentality helped me a lot.

Photos by Pero Simic

What’s one thing you’ve made that you’re most proud of?
I’d say as far as skateboarding goes, a lot of the footage I’ve gotten this past year I’ve probably most proud of. It’s not out yet, but I’ve been filming a lot with my friend Queasy for his new project. This past year I’ve been taking it pretty seriously and trying to have a new approach when filming, like try step out of my comfort zone and out of my skillset. So yeah, probably most proud of my footage that should come out soon.


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The one trick you can’t do?
There’s definitely a lot of tricks that I can’t do… The first that comes to mind is switch and ollie heels. Yeah, that trick has always eluded me, I’ve been quite deficient in that category and it’s annoying because everyone does them and does them so well and effortlessly, and I just can’t do ‘em. So if you’re playing skate against me, that’s a good one to go for.

What was the last thing that you read, saw, or listened to that inspired you?
I watched that first episode of the Kanye documentary recently, that was very inspiring. I’ve always been a huge Kanye fan so I was stoked to see it regardless, but I think his whole story is super cool. All the adversity he faced and nobody believing in him, and working super hard and starting out being not that great of a rapper but just pushing himself so hard, night in and night out to become the best was pretty cool to see. Just trying to keep that idea and mindset into my own life, moving forward for sure. Kanye: definitely an inspiring figure even though he also is pretty polarising sometimes as well.

Photos by Pero Simic

What person living or dead do you wish was your roommate and why?
I would probably room with a young Kanye West, like, late 90s or early 2000s. I think being around someone who’s on the cusp of greatness and is so motivated, so sure of themselves would be very inspiring and motivational for myself, you know? If I could be transported back to that era, it would be really sick to listen to College Dropout as he’s making it, so yeah, I’ll go with a young Kanye West.

When you’re not skating/modelling/styling, you take beautiful photos. What are some of your favourite things to capture on film?
Definitely appreciate you guys liking the photos, means a lot. I would say I always try to shoot the moments in-between—if I’m shooting people, most of the time I hate asking people to pose for a photo. I just like to catch them in their everyday movements or what they’re doing at that moment. I try to not have too much of a planned approach while I’m shooting, just have the camera out and hopefully if something cool’s going on, shoot it. Oftentimes half the roll will be pretty bad ‘cause I’ll just rapid fire shoot some stuff that I see, or you’ll be bummed after ‘cause you’ll be like damn, I saw it one way but I didn’t capture it the way that I wanted to. Also, when shooting either people or objects I like to have a really zoomed in approach, so instead of taking a photo of the whole entire picture, I like to focus on one smaller thing. So a lot of my photos are of inanimate objects or just random stuff, it’s very zoomed in. I just like to capture small frames in a bigger picture, I guess.

Photos by Pero Simic

What’s another talent people might not know you have?
It’s not really a talent because I’m not very good at it, but I would say playing basketball. I got pretty into it a few years ago. I think it’s cool too because growing up with skateboarding, I think everyone was very anti-sport for a long time, so it’s just really cool trying something new, going in with a new perspective on it ‘cause for a long time I had just written off sports in general, following them and everything. So I would say basketball.

Photos by Pero Simic

What does the world need more of in 2022?
More positivity in general. I think with social media we can get pretty negative and down about ourselves, especially like, comparing yourselves to other people. So I think having a better, positive outlook, being appreciative of the things you do have. I also think we should continue to push the conversation on mental health, I think talking about your feelings is very good. Checking in on your friends is great, we need more of that—being there for other people. I think, too, it’s important to tell the people you do love that you care for them, that you love them in general. I think that’s a very underrated thing to do, to tell your friends that you love them on a day-to-day basis, I think it goes a long way. Definitely along the lines of being positive and not being down on yourself about the things you can’t control. 2022, it should be good.

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