Bright Young Things: Aidan Ouma-Machio

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The skateboarder Aidan Ouma-Machio is known for his skateboarding, but did you know he also takes photos and gives thoughtful answers in interviews like this one?

It’s true. He does. You’d know Aidan from New Balance Numeric’s recent video, Gazette. He was the one that did absolutely zero switch hardflips or juggling. He did everything else though, and he did it with unbeatable, unrepeatable, undeletable style. Aidan grew up in Beverly Hills, but not that Beverly Hills, the other one in Sydney. However, if you read between the lines of our interview with Aidan below, it’s clear he’s itching to travel and see the world, so maybe that other Hills of Beverly isn’t so far away.


Where did you grow up and how do you think it’s influenced you today?
I have grown up and lived in a small suburb of Sydney’s south-west called Narwee/Beverly Hills. I wouldn’t say the city itself has had a major influence on me so much as my peers and social environments. Sydney is a pretty business-oriented place that does not allow much freedom for creative people or industries to thrive, which has probably forced me and others to try and breakthrough that barrier. My parents are Italian and Ugandan so that probably played a part, having such a culture clash in my own household.

What’s the very first thing you do when you wake up in the morning?
Sorry to my future housemates, but every morning I open my eyes and scream out what day it is.

Photo by Aidan Ouma-Machio

What first got you into skateboarding?
I think Tech Decks, to be honest. The first time I saw one at a toy store in my local shopping centre I lost my mind, and maybe seeing my older brother and his friends skate. Bart Simpson and THPS (Tony Hawk Pro Skater).

What’s one thing you’ve made or a project you’ve worked on that you’re most proud of?
I suppose it’d have to be the Interchange video with Cameron Fraser that we released last year. The end result wasn’t exactly what we had wanted, but were happy to complete the project despite multiple lockdowns. I haven’t really worked on anything as much as that in recent years. Also New Balance Numeric’s Gazette.

What’s one trick you still can’t do?
Juggle and switch hardflips. That’s two.

What was the last thing that you read, saw, or listened to that inspired you?
I listened to a podcast with Andrew Huberman (a neuroscientist) that inspired me to treat my brain and body better. And The One and Only Dick Gregory, which is a documentary about a well-known comedian and activist for the Black community. The man was an inspiration to the world and you should all watch and learn about him.

Photo by Aidan Ouma-Machio

Aside from skateboarding, you’re also a really talented photographer. Is there anything you want to experiment with more in your photography in the future?
Definitely would love to expand my knowledge of digital photography and manipulating light, as I have only been shooting film, and recently medium format. But ultimately, try and pursue some design work rather than relying on recognition or credibility to get me working with bigger clients; I can experiment with making some of my own pieces to then photograph.

What does the world need more of in 2022?
Cheaper rent, trees, bees and me overseas.

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