Brianna Lance Covers a Timeless 1972 Track

When it comes to covering timeless tracks, you should always proceed with caution.

Otherwise, accidents can happen. Like when someone let the entire cast of Glee spirit finger Journey’s ‘Don’t Stop Believing’, into oblivion. But bad covers make covers all the more satisfying, and we’ve got a really, really good one to tell you about. New York-based designer, DJ, creative director, and artist, Brianna Lance, not only has the bangs of an angel, she’s got the voice of one too. Together with pals and musicians Jamie Biden and Marc Razo, Brianna took on the 1972 classic, ‘Crying Laughing Loving Lying’ by Labi Siffre—a rolling, rhythmic tune that will stay in your head long after the first listen. We caught up with the talented Brianna to find out more about how the trio decided to take on a classic track, and uncover what’s on speed dial at her local karaoke joint.

How did you, Marc and Jamie team up to work on this together? 

We’ve all been friends for a while and just decided to play around in the studio. I’d sent Marc this Labi Siffre song a while ago, and we thought it was a great song to start out with.

‘Crying Laughing Loving Lying’ is such a beautiful song, but it didn’t have a huge amount of success when it was first released. Do you remember the first time you heard the original?

I heard it combing through music on one of my deep digs on the internet, probably a couple of years ago. I immediately sent it to Razo because it was very much his vibe.

Of all the songs in the world, what made you guys gravitate towards this one?

It was Marc’s idea. I think the guitar parts really resonated with him. Jamie and I loved it too, so we just all decided to dig into it.

What musical talents do you most admire in Marc and Jamie? 

They are both such talented dudes, but ego-less and really soulful. They both have pretty refined taste and able to approach things without a heavy hand. You know that you’re going to give the best service to the song when you work with them, rather than a whole lot of showboating.

What did you learn from your former band, Bad Girlfriend, that you still take with you into the music-making process today? 

I learned everything from Bad Girlfriend. It was my first band as a singer and songwriter, so it was my school. I think one of the most important things was really letting everyone have their space in a song and not prioritising one person’s role over another’s.

What was the last thing that made you laugh?

Like, really laugh? A friend of mine twirling around the living room with a makeshift cape, claiming superiority over everyone for not having a cape.

What was the last thing that made you cry?

Every time I see or hear people harmonising… it’s a weird cellular thing. So, I last cried a couple of days ago listening to Joan Baez and Bob Dylan singing ‘Wild Mountain Thyme’.

I’ve heard you love karaoke. What’s your go-to karaoke song and why?

I try not to have a go-to karaoke song because I feel like I do it so much, I don’t want to bore people with the same material over and over. But I’m from Texas originally, so I have a tendency to always sing ‘Friends in Low Places’ by Garth Brooks.

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