Brian Anderson Talks Sobriety

We generally don’t make a habit of promoting other magazines’ stories because, you know, duh.

But ZERO.NINE‘s interview with pro-skater Brian Anderson is really worth checking out, especially if you or someone you know is rethinking their relationship with alcohol. BA has been sober for a little over a year now, and he chats with Ed Templeton about his early days of drinking (‘…in most of my videos I had probably six beers in me at all times.’), the turning point where he decided to get sober, and what his life is like now he’s not swathed in the ‘afghan blanket of red wine.’ Even if you’re not questioning your drinking, it’s a great read.

‘I lay there in bed and I said, “Sorry,” to my body, my lungs, my muscles, my bones, and my heart. And I quietly said to myself, “You know, I’m going to do us a favour.” I said, “I’m going to stop putting poisons in our body.” And I say our body because I believe your body is shared. It felt really cool, you know, to just lay there and just go, “Wow, what a beautiful thing life has been.”‘


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