Brendon Burton’s Study of Unsettling Roadside Signs

After growing up on isolated farmland in Oregon, Brendon Burton couldn’t shake his fascination with rural America and turned his camera to roadside oddities found in lonely backwoods and forgotten towns.

For his soon to be released photo book, American Poetry, Burton looks at the peculiar fixtures on highways all across America—the humble roadside sign. Taken over the course of five years, the series looks at anonymous statements that appear in the public space, and how these proclamations form a loose narrative on the current state of the country.

A series that couldn’t be more timely at this moment in history, American Poetry acts as the quiet observer of a divided people. Advertisements, warnings and calls to prayer feature throughout, sometimes in such bizarre and unsettling ways that it would almost be possible to pass some of the photos off as fabricated—if you hadn’t already been witness to the stranger than fiction year of 2020.

American Poetry is available for pre-order now, and comes in a limited-edition run of 450 copies of a 124-page linen-bound hardcover measuring 8.5×11”. You can also get a special edition copy signed and numbered, that comes with your choice of one of two archival prints from the series. Get your pre-order in here.

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