Brad Cromer – At Home

Film and photos by Andrew Peters. Additional filming by Richard Quintero. Presented by HUF.

Everyone is good at skateboarding these days.

As a pro skateboarder one of the most important factors in being successful is having unique spots, having an eye for what you want to skate and how you want to present the way you do it. It makes all the difference when a skater is thoughtful of this and keeps it consistent.

Brad Cromer is a skate nerd. He is as particular as it gets, but his mindfulness pays off in the projects he puts out. Hailing from small town Jupiter, Florida, Brad always had to be on the road to pursue a career in skateboarding. Most notably, he spent the last few years living in LA, filming for various projects, carefully planning, and in a way, curating a body of work. After producing a substantial amount of footage and leaving his stamp on the city, the LA inspiration had run out. It was time to move on.

Cromer quickly regathered and regrouped in his hometown and fixed his sights on New York City. Considering he saw snow for the first time six months ago, he still has a bit of adjusting to do. But despite the freezing cold, he’s hit the ground running, as evidenced in his recent video part for HUF to celebrate the launch of his second pro model shoe, the “Cromer 2.”

No doubt after the summer we’ll have another Cromer part draped in the big city scenery to bookmark, save, and play on repeat. Until then, it’s really, really cold out there.

Shop the HUF Cromer 2 here.

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