Bouncing Off The Walls with Todd Francis

If you know anything about Monster Childen, you’ll know that we love the LA-based artist Todd Francis.

More than that, we adore him, and if you never had the pleasure of meeting and chatting with Todd, more’s the pity (I think. I’m not sure if I’m using that expression correctly). Todd is a legend in skateboarding for his work with Real, Spitfire, Stereo, Element, and Antihero (Todd created the original Eagle logo); and he’s a super-star in the publishing world for his contributions to Juxtapoz, Vice, Monster Children, Complex, Thrasher, and Penthouse. But more than that, Todd is a funny, good-natured, charitable, and terrifically handsome fellow who bears a slight resemblance to Germs/Nirvana/Foo Fighters guitarist Pat Smear (sorry, TF). And now he has a video series on the Vans channel.

The series is called Bouncing Off the Walls with Todd Francis, and each week Todd demonstrates a different way to remain happy, healthy, and useful during this godforsaken pandemic. He’s currently five weeks into the show, and below is my favourite episode so far. Head over to to catch the others in the series.

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