BOOK CLUB! (again)


I know we just did a BOOK CLUB! a few days ago, but I couldn’t wait to talk about this: Let’s Explore Diabetes with Owls by David Sedaris. I just bought this book–or rather, just received my preordered copy via Kindle at exactly midnight–so I haven’t had a chance to read more than the first three stories. However, if the rest of the book is as funny as these opening tales, I’m in for a hoot!

I love David Sedaris, he cracks me up, and I’m always surprised and suspicious when I meet someone who claims to not like him. Not liking Sedaris is almost as unbelievable as not liking Led Zeppelin, and not liking Zeppelin is impossible–even if you think you don’t like Led Zepp, chances are you do but you just don’t know it yet; either that or you’re a solid-gold arsehole.

How can you not like Led Zeppelin? How can anyone hear the first few bars of Communication Breakdown or Kashmir and say, ‘Ugh. I don’t like this’? That’s fucking absurd. What else don’t you like? Food? Do you hate food, too? What about clean air and water, you fucking nitwit? What doyou like? Standing in bear traps? Masturbating with sandpaper? What’s your problem? Great. Now you’ve put me in a bad mood.

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