Black Friday Gun Sales Second Highest on Record

Surely not.

That’s my default response to most gun-related news coming out of the US these days. I say ‘surely not’ even though I know whatever I am hearing is true. After 20 children were killed by a gunman at Sandy Hook Elementary school in 2012 and America’s gun laws still didn’t change, it kind of became obvious that nothing would be enough.

So, I guess just add this latest report to the smouldering pile of baloney that is the second amendment. On Black Friday last week, the FBI ran 202,465 background checks for potential firearm buyers. That’s an average of more than two checks per second. It’s the second-highest record for background checks behind Black Friday in 2017.

Apparently, Black Friday is the biggest day for firearms sales in the US. And while some analysts debate how accurately background check figures translate into actual gun sales, it’s still pretty safe to say that at least a couple hundred thousand guns left the shelves last week.

This year, the FBI have conducted over 25.4 million background checks across the country. As it stands, 2019 is looking to break the record of 27.5 million checks previously set in 2016. I could furiously demand to know what one country could possibly need over 27 million guns a year for, but we all know the archaic defence used by second amendment enthusiasts. After years of trying, I finally get it: you can’t argue with dipshits. Donald Trump refuses to enact stricter gun control measures after the National Rifle Association pumped upwards of $30 million into his election campaign. Many in the firearm industry suspect the recent surge in gun purchases is a response to Democratic presidential candidates calling for tougher gun laws.

There have been more mass shootings in the US than days in this year, with data from the nonprofit Gun Violence Archive reporting 385 mass shootings so far. Meanwhile, there have been 35,943 gun deaths since January 1. Wait. 35,943 people died by gunshot this year alone? Surely not.

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