All the Madness From Our Biggest Party of the Year

Photos by Dougal Gorman @dougalgorman

We had a lot of reasons to celebrate last night.

We announced the winners of our annual Photo Competition (if you weren’t there, you’re going to have to wait a little longer to find out), launched our Annual print mag, and WE TURNED 15! And, like all good 15th birthday parties, there was music loud enough to serenade the entire suburb, excessive drinking and a smoke machine that only partially concealed blossoming dancefloor romances sure to last a lifetime.

The walls of Porteño in Sydney were lined with our Photo Comp finalists, Jimmy2sox of Flight Facilities was on the decks, Corona and Jameson kept the masses well hydrated and Beach Burrito were churning out quickly vanishing burritos. A huge thanks to all our Photo Comp Sponsors: Canon (who also did us a huge solid by sorting out the exhibition printing), Huffer, Hurley, Wanaka Tourism, Danner and New Era, and lastly to all you beautiful bastards who turned up to pack out the venue—we couldn’t have done it without ya.

Fear not LA friends, you haven’t missed out! You’ll be getting your own party next Thursday at 1700 Naud in DTLA, so stay tuned for more. Have a peek at the madness from last night’s party, below.

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