Photography by Lincoln Jubb, Interview by MC’s Sally Quade.


M.C: Do you ever bet on horse races?

Yannis: No, I’ve bet on the Grand National once. I like the ideas of being one of those dudes at the track but it’s like a pipe dream I guess.

M.C: If you could chose the first track to the soundtrack to your life what would it be?

Jimi: Oh fuck, probably an Aphex twin song off ‘Come to Daddy’.

Yannis: Do you mean the first song chronologically in the film or to your life? I think I’m going to pass on that one.

M.C: Best pick up line you’ve ever heard?

Yannis: I heard a good one the other day from a bar manager who told this girl he had a 9 inch tongue and he could breathe fire through his ears, also mildly disturbing.

Jimi; Mines usually what’s brown and sticky? A stick?

M.C: Does it work?

Jimi: No, I’ve never used it.

M.C: Do you bring your house keys on tour?

Yannis: Yeah, but I leave them in a little compartment in my bag so I’ve got them when I get home. I don’t like always having something in my pocket it gets really frustrating. It’s got to be empty pockets on stage.

Jimi: I think back pocket’s good for keys. I’ve only got two keys, one key actually it’s for my now it’s for my shed.

M.C: If you had control of an airplane and time where would you go?

Jimi: Home!

Yannis: Do you mean we can go back in time and shit? That changes everything.

I’d want to go somewhere blood thirsty, travel back and be an Aztec and wait for the Spanish to arrive and fuck them up.

Jimi: Or just die from flu…

Yannis: Yeah there’s that. Or biblical time because I have this niggling suspicion that it might be true and I’m a bit worried about it because I’m not living my life according to God’s principals so I’d like to go back and check.

Jimi: Yeah you see this guy that’s writing a sweet book in his shed and he’s like ‘Dude I’ve think I’ve written a pretty good novel here, a best seller’ And he wants to call it ‘Bible’ but someone says to put a verb in front of it.


M.C: If you could have anyone come on stage to dance with you who would it be?

Jimi: Stevie Wonder but he doesn’t dance does he? That’s really bad sorry.

M.C: Why is that bad? Because he’s blind that doesn’t mean he can’t dance I’m sure he’s really good at dancing.

Yannis: Fred Asatire or Christopher walker, no, Cab Calloway he’s the shit.

M.C: Would you rather never taste your favorite food again or lose the ability to play music?

Yannis: Never taste food, I barely enjoy eating food as it is I’d much rather play music than eat food. I think there’s a weird obsession with food in our current culture, I mean I do like nice food but it’s become almost fetishized in developed society and one of the signs of a society in decline is an obsession with food and sex and that’s what we’ve got. I know that you Aussie’s are into food and it is great here, but for like millions of years food was awful and people survived fine, so the obsession with nice food is something a bit poncey.

Jimi: We should just do it like N.A.S.A and get the astronaut food. You can get a roast dinner in a sachet, add water and you’re done with it. That’s the way it should be done.

M.C: Have you got any questions for me about Australia? I’m really Australian.

Yannis: Here’s one for you. I’m interested as to why Australian girls seem far more attractive than girls from say the UK or Ireland. I mean no disrespect to British girls but they do seem more attractive here, and I wonder why because essentially the gene pools are the same but there’s something that’s happened. There’s the obvious answers like more sun and the lifestyles more outdoorsy, but that doesn’t cut it for me. I think there’s more to it.

M.C: Do you think its fashion?

Jimi: No definitely not. We’re talking about shades of naked, like take everything away.

M.C: Maybe it’s because were convicts, bad girls, and  you get attracted to the trouble. Or just because we’re heaps cooler?

Yannis: I don’t know about that but I like your confidence

M.C: So this is a one off show for you?

Yannis: Yeah we weren’t planning on coming here. Ee got told a week ago.

M.C: Have you played Splendour before?

Jimi: Yes, not here though in Woodford which was nice too.

M.C: The Big Day Out is finished as a festival now so this is a good one.

Jimi: We did that last year, everyone said it was the ‘Big Day Off Festival’ but it wasn’t it was pretty strenuous. But that’s stopped for good now?

M.C: Well it’s taking a year off, like Glastonbury I’ve been there a couple of times.

Jimi: Did you like it?

M.C: Yeah I can’t really remember it though

Yannis: Why were you wizzing?

M.C: I don’t know what I was doing.

Yannis: Do you have any pingers on you?

M.C: No not on me, do you need some?

Jimi: Yeah always, I’ll like drop 6 of them just before the gig.

M.C: Ping time. Do you guys buy each other presents?

Yannis: That’s a really good question. We have a strange policy – we never really do Christmas presents because we’re not together and we said we wouldn’t do birthday presents but it kind of sucks if it’s your birthday and you’re on tour. So what happens is if you’re getting along with the person, you get a present and the rest just don’t.


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