The Best Stuff Coming to Netflix This Month

Usually, I’m overwhelmed with the fresh content dump from Netflix each month.

February though, seems a little light on. Does it mean that the Netflix overlords are saving up some serious shit to hit us with in the coming months? Who knows, but I got to work scouring through all the new additions to find these six gems, and suddenly it looks like my screentime is back on track for another month.

I Am Not Okay With This

If you’re getting The End of the F****ing World vibes just from this trailer, you’re spot on—both series come from director Jonathan Entwistle (and the producers of Stranger Things), who seems to have nailed the angsty, off-beat teen drama trope yet again. While the above trailer doesn’t give much away, we do know that the series revolves around Sydney, a teenage girl ‘navigating the trials and tribulations of high school while dealing with the complexities of her family, her budding sexuality, and mysterious superpowers just beginning to awaken deep within her’, and I am okay with this.

Premieres February 26. 

Good Time

Obviously, the Safdie brothers’ 2017 release Good Time isn’t new, but it is new to Netflix this month. For those unfamiliar, the plot follows a bank robbery gone wrong, and a desperate brother’s nightlong odyssey to free his brother from prison. You’re probably going to need a deep-tissue massage to address those tension knots after sitting through this one hour and 40-minute nailbiter. There are so many layers to this film that you can’t peel back on the first watch, so I’d like to thank whoever at Netflix made the decision to bring Good Time to the streaming service, because I’m far from done with it.

Premieres February 11. 

The Pharmacist

Netflix’s new docuseries, The Pharmacist, starts with a heartbroken father’s investigation into his son’s murder, and morphs into something else entirely. Pharmacist Dan Schneider is the hero of the four-part series, whose dogged determination and good sense to film, tape, and note down everything he’s uncovering, make him a documentary filmmaker’s dream. His son Danny—a crack cocaine addict who was killed while trying to buy drugs—and his murder was of little concern to local police, so Schneider takes matters into his own hands and in the process, finds the killer and uncovers the corruption at the heart of America’s opioid crisis.

Available to watch now. 

Purple Rain

The Purple Prince lives again! Is this the greatest rock musical drama ever made in the history of cinema? No. Should you watch it anyway, because it stars Prince as a very meta version of himself, with a Prince-centric soundtrack, and an aggressively 80s plotline that revolves around his ‘struggles to navigate his career, the relationship with his parents, band, singer-girlfriend and a new rival’? Yes, you most definitely should. Watch the trailer above and tell me you’re not going to watch Purple Rain the moment you’re done reading this.

Available to watch now. 


It’s been a rough few weeks for basketball fans, but 2019 docuseries Q-Ball might be a temporary balm for the soul. Directed by Michael Tolajian, it takes you inside the walls of the notorious San Quentin Prison, a rough as guts institution that’s housed inmates like Charles Manson and the ‘Freeway Killer’, William Bonin. While it taps into the stark reality of prison life, it trains its lens mostly on the prison’s basketball team, the San Quentin Warriors, who are sponsored by the NBA’s Golden State Warriors (Kevin Durant is also the executive producer of the series). ‘Some of the toughest, meanest guys on the yard, they’ll tell you, “I’m never going to a self-help group, but I’ll play some basketball with you,”’ says one of the inmates in the above trailer, explaining the program’s role in providing a positive physical outlet behind bars. Basketball fan or not, Q-Ball is worth checking out.

Premieres February 11. 

Narcos: Mexico Season 2

The Mexican drug war is in full swing, there’s mutiny on the horizon, the Americans are breathing down everyone’s necks, and Miguel (Diego Luna) has gone and bought himself a tiger. That’s what I’ve gathered from the above trailer, along with the assumption that Netflix has poured innumerable millions into making Narcos: Mexico bigger and better than the first season. I’ve got a good feeling it’s going to pay off.

Premieres February 13. 

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