Best Anti-Hillary Memes


The Donald’s not the only candidate who cops the cyber-hate.

We’ve seen a lot of memes during this US Presidential race, but most of us have only caught sight of the ones criticising Donald Trump. The reasons for this are twofold: Democrats produce more memes than Republicans (because they’re not toothless, cousin-fucking luddites), and also, you and I are liberal-minded people (I’m assuming), and only receive leftist propaganda on our various social media. We’re not toothless cousin-fuckers, none of our friends are toothless cousin-fuckers, so we don’t see memes made by toothless cousin-fucking Trump supporters.

But with all the anti-Trump memes I see each day, I’m getting really bored. I already know he’s a worthless piece of shit and I don’t need further convincing. I’m over it. And I decided to check out the memes Trump supporters are coming up with when they’re not masturbating in the woodshed over a photo of their cousin. Let’s take a look at how stupid they are.


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