11 Of Our Favourite Tassie Airbnbs

Now that the depths of winter are behind us for another year, now’s the time to brave the southern isle.

Though located at the arse end of Australia, long gone are the days of Tassie being the butt of all our shit mainlander jokes. These days, we can all agree everything’s better in Tassie: food, wine, surf, nature, and according to this list we’ve put together, the Airbnbs too. Read on for some of the best places to rest your head in one of our favourite parts of Aus.

The Container, Lilydale 

Any Airbnb that comes with a record player, vinyl collection and a spare Fender to mess around with is already starting off on the right foot. Located in Lilydale and just a few minutes’ drive away from great local vineyards, The Container is a recycled shipping container so well designed, that you’ll forget it’s actually a shipping container. Complete with wood fireplace and outdoor bathtub because, well, this is Tassie after all. Book it here.

CNTNR, Upper Scamander

CNTNR is not just one of the most stylish joints on this list—allow me to draw your attention to the pink, conversation pit-inspired bed that looks like it’s been ripped right out of the 70s—it’s also one of the most well-located. The converted 40ft container is set on the banks of the Scamander river, but only five minutes from the beach (and world-class breaks, but we’ll let you do the research). Light up the fire pit, have a drink on the deck built over the river, and make the most of the limited phone signal. Book it here.

Tasman Cottage, Eaglehawk Neck 

Speaking of best located Airbnbs: meet Tasman Cottage, set alongside the Eaglehawk Neck coastline. Originally part of the Penzance Motel, Tasman Cottage has been carefully renovated to pay homage to its heritage features, using locally sourced materials such as timber and stone. Out the back of the house is an outdoor patio area with fireplace and outdoor bath, with direct access to Waterfall Bay as well as a bush track leading to the beach. Another surfer’s wet dream. Book it here.

The Nebraska Retreat, Dennes Point, Bruny Island

One for a bigger group, The Nebraska Retreat is located on the northern half of Bruny Island and spitting distance from the water—there’s water views from every window, so that’s no exaggeration. Obligatory fire for those cold Tassie weather, and a pretty A+ entertaining area outside for the warmer months. Big deck energy on this one. Book it here.

Seaforth Shack, Strahan

Imagine this: 10 whole acres of natural bushland with water and mountain views, a lovingly renovated fishing shack with a huge wrap-around deck, outdoor heated shower, water access, indoor and outdoor fireplaces… actually, don’t imagine it. Just book the Seaforth and see it for yourself. Book it here.

Naivasha Tiny House

I could tell you all about the fire pits, the magical bushland, the cosy little nook where you can read a book or just stare into nothingness, the skylight in the loft… but all I’m really thinking about is sweating away in that wood-fired outdoor hot tub like a tasty little human soup. Delicious. Book it here.

Driftwood, Bruny Island

Driftwood is another gem on Bruny Island, overlooking Bruny Island Neck and looking like the treehouse of my childhood dreams. It’s a pretty special timber cottage built from recycled materials and sitting on two acres, so you can wander through the bushland and pick any local produce you come across along the way (stick to the ones you know, Alexander Supertramp). Looks like the perfect place to do a whole lot of nothing—but if the cabin fever does set in, it’s just a few minutes’ drive to Adventure Bay and Coals Point surf break. Book it here.

The Pod, Lewisham

The Pod has a bespoke Huon pine outdoor tub made with timber sourced from the depths of Lake Pieman. And if you’re thinking by this point please, for the love of god shut up about the fire pits and the stupid hot tubs—no, I will not. Go visit Tassie in any month outside of summer and then come and talk to me. Back to it: floor-to-ceiling glass windows and doors, thoughtful touches that incorporate local materials and artisans, and great views out onto the bay. Size definitely doesn’t matter when it comes to The Pod. Book it here.

Whale Song, Falmouth

Originally built in the 1980s by a local fisherman, Whale Song is located on the East Coast of Tasmania and looks like the kind of place you could sink into and never leave—you will though, because this joint is booked solid. The fisherman’s shack (which we can probably no longer refer to as a shack) has some of the most stunning views you’ll find of all the spots on this list, and is pretty much faultless. Take a look at the pics to see for yourself, and book it here.

Little Crabtree, Crabtree

Only 35 minutes from Hobart and located in a great spot if you want to explore the Huon Valley, Little Crabtree is a simplistic zen den for anyone looking to completely switch off. It’s peaceful, set in a lush little paddock with a private creek, and surrounded by so much charming flora and fauna, you’d be an absolute goose to walk outside barefoot at night. You’ve been warned. Book it here.

Captain’s Rest, Strahan

You’ve seen this on Instagram—yes, I know you have. It’s one of Tasmania’s most famous Airbnbs for a reason, so all that’s left to tell you is godspeed, good luck, and buenas suerte trying to get a booking.

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