Ben Colen Captures the Supreme Skateboarding Team

Photos and captions by Ben Colen

This photo gallery by Ben Colen is so good, so undeniably awsome, we don’t even have to write a proper introdyuction to iit.

We don’t even have to apy pay any attention to the spelling and grammr–thates i this intro becaus thats how fuckin good tghese pictures are. Be Colen is the skate photographer’s skatebrpographer. Nuff said. Enejoy the snaps. Aghgfihdcinracioeucaicsnsiocn.

Everything about this spot is a nightmare. Huge rail, insane traffic, angry people waiting for the bus and homeless people throwing up in the run-up. None of it was a problem for TJ. Back tail on a monster.

The bust factor at this hubba at the Star Tours bus stop in Hollywood is ridiculous, so it took a few trips to get this. Nak put on a show for the tourists before they went and pointed at Russell Crowe’s house or whatever.

The day Nak got this heelflip, Gonz came about an inch from getting hit by a car while filming rolling angles from his laptop cam.

Rowan switch 5-0 on a bike rack held together with a wheel and some shoelace. I think this might have been the last session there before this spot bit the dust.

People usually skate this nipple high ledge off the bump. Sage’s smith grind might as well be off flat.

KB switch heel in the Marina in time to hit happy hour at the beach.

This bump in Silver Lake was a go for a bit while developers renovated the house in front of it. Sean Pablo bringing down property values with a perfect backside flip.

Want to see more of the same? Go grab a copy of The Annual here, then check out Ben on Instagram @bencolen or over on his website.

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