‘Being Green’ Launches at 98 Orchard

We hosted a rager at 98 Orchard to support the launch of Being Green, a new photo book by master snowboard lensmen Tanner Pendleton, Oli Gagnon, and Jake Price.

Being Green follows the Vans snowboard team during the years surrounding their first full-length film, Landline. The photography captures intimate moments, documenting the journey of individuals coming into their own, while simultaneously cementing a family bond. With the sudden passing of fellow Vans rider, Dillon Ojo, this crew underwent an unexpected transformation. The images left behind are precious reminders of Dillon’s life, which overflowed with substance and style.

Avert your eyes from the newest Netflix pile of garbage and support independent artists and publishers. Purchase a copy of Being Green here. Or be a stingy dickhead and browse our party photos below, free of charge. Up to you, dipshit.

More about Being Green here. Made with support from Vans.

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