BBQ Sessions Vol. 1

If you only watch one film today, make sure it’s that new one by Miranda July. Bazillionaire or something. Whatever. That shit was siiick.

Now, if you only watch one SURF flick today, watch the one above these words. It’s called  BBQ Sessions Vol 1., it was shot by Mallmic, Tom Jennings, Rex Nink Mowday, and it is siiick. Featuring Noa Deane, Shaun Manners, Creed McTaggart, and Taj Burrow, BBQ Sessions Vol 1 showcases the second best thing you can do in Western Australia—the second being getting the fuck out of Western Australia. Just kidding, WA is rad. Some of the nice people I ever met are from Perth. Do they still say ‘Mint’ instead of ‘Cool’ over there? Mental. God bless you swan-rooting sons of bitches.

Check the clip above, and also get along to Miranda July’s new film when you get a chance. It’s good as fuck.

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