Barry McGee’s Range Swells

It’s no secret that Mr Barry McGee cherishes his time in the water.

And that’s what makes his partnership with RVCA so fitting. An influential San Francisco artist who indulges a passion for vintage surf craft and surf culture; pretty much the founding principle of the ANP (Artist Network Program). Barry’s designed some garments for the VA before, but that range has recently swelled, and that is why it’s on today’s agenda.

The range is vast, but if we had to skim the cream then we’d be tapping our plastic on the two pieces pictured. The snapback above is a perfectly acceptable headpiece for the fully grown man, and the little touch of Barry on the badge at the front brings a certain sophistication to this otherwise most unsophisticated of garments. And the button up below? Well, it’s the right tone and material (linen truly is the textile of the gods) and the Barry Emblem makes it look more Commes de Garcon than RVCA, and that’s not a bad thing.

If you fancy giving your wardrobe a facelift then go shop Baz’s range here.


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