Banzai Skateboards Are Back

I’ve never really been into the idea of skateboards as art…

Despite owning and skating hundreds of boards over the past 20 years, I’ve never cared for the whole hanging-your-boards-on-the-wall thing. Sure, I get it. I just always thought it was corny. Why not hang a photo or print instead?

Enter Banzai – the best of both worlds for skate nerds and art nerds alike. Banzai has reintroduced one of their most iconic board designs from the ’70s in a limited edition collection that comes fully loaded with a numbered art print that I actually wanna hang on my wall. The boards themselves aren’t too shabby as a wall piece either, if that’s your thing.

Made entirely from anodized aluminum and limited to an edition of 50 boards per color & size, each Banzai skateboard comes in a high-grade collector’s box featuring an art print by one of the following artists: David Carson, Jay Nelson, Nathaniel Russell, Todd Glaser, and Cole Barash.

Skate it, hang it, show it off like a fine piece of art. Whatever inspires you most, hombre.

This David Carson print comes with the green board.

Ever wanted to be a sidewalk-surfin’ cube gleamer? Get your own Banzai board here.

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