Banjo McLachlan’s Celebrity Photos Are Too Good For Gossip Mags

Banjo McLachlan might hate being a paparazzo, but we love seeing the fruits of his celebrity stakeouts.

The New York-based celebrity photojournalist is someone you’ve probably seen on Monster Children before, and now he’s bringing his work to 98 Orchard for the very first time in a new exhibition entitled Big Deal. Defying the shitty quality of celebrity photos that define this particular line of work, Banjo’s photos of your favourite stars are so good, they belong in a gallery. Whether it’s capturing everyone’s least favourite James Bond, Daniel Craig, getting a haircut, or Jerry Seinfeld zipping around NYC on a neat little Vespa, Banjo’s gotknack for cracking the shiny veneer of modern-day celebrity, and you’ll see exactly what we mean if you get down to 98 Orchard Street this Thursday night at 6 pm. See you there.

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