The Kind of Backpack You Wanna Two Strap

In the market for some quality leather?

Well, I’m the offspring of a leather upholsterer (look it up) so I’d like to think I know my shit when it comes to the stuff. And, this nifty little backpack I got from the sibling duo at Legit Leather the other day, is the real deal. It’s made from 100% leather, the kind that makes you want to just keep stroking it, and one of the best things is the suede lining on the inside of the bag and all the pockets. That’s some extravagant shit right there. That’s like lining your jacket with wool from a vicuna sheep—unnecessary, but highly appreciated.

Truth be told, I’m getting a lot of attention from this backpack. My co-worker complimented my new accessory, then told me it wasn’t acceptable to two-strap a backpack if I wanted people to think I was cool. I told her to grow up. My boyfriend keeps talking about my bag too, which is weird enough in itself. He’s been oohing and aaahing over the feel of the leather, keeps commenting about what a great size it is. I’ve got suspicions he’s been on their website and seen they’ve got bags for both guys and girls, and I think he’s angling for a new one. Better luck next time. Legit Leather have got a sweet little range on their hands, whether you’re after a handbag, duffle, backpack or day tripper kind of bag. You don’t buy bags that often, so why not invest in a decent one? They’ll get you sorted.

Check our their full range here, or have a peek at their Instagram @legitleather

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