Back to the Books with LAABF

It’s year five of the LAABF.

More people you know have shown up with more pretty pages to push and the #artbook hashtags are spilled out across the ‘gram like discarded sneakers in our city streets. 

This year, the LA Art Book Fair includes a magazine room, a primary-colored Fotomat masterpiece by our friends at Slow Culture and Deadbeat Club, and the Teen Angel exhibit stealing hearts to your immediate left upon entering the building. There is live tattooing, signed copies, and the whole spectrum from xerox to collector’s editions.

Aside from what’s tangible, this year’s LA Art Book Fair will host many noteworthy discussions including tonight’s event with Ed Templeton and Fred Mortagne, led by Thomas Campbell. Skipping ahead, Sunday brings us the WET magazine panel, a late 70’s Venice beach crew that pulled off years of brilliant performances and parties. In the meantime, you can be sure to expect many bright conversations at panels or in The Classroom.

The LA Art Book Fair runs is free and open to the public from February 24-26. For a full list of exhibitors and event details, visit Printed Matter’s event site.

Aside: Since last night’s Preview, word has surfaced that renowned photographer Ren Hang has passed away. As you browse the book fair, keep in mind that each book is a product of human hands, minds, and hearts. It’s the true meaning of this visual bonanza.

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