Photo by Lynne Burdekin, 1975

Listen to Our Ice Cold ‘Back 2 The Pub’ Playlist

It’s official: the pubs are reopening next week and we’re all going back to the pub for an ice-cold round of pub-pub-pubbity-pub—PUB.

How good does it feel! There’s like three sleeps to go and then we’ll all be down the pub, sitting at the bar, meeting friends, politely admiring the physical appearances of whichever human beings we find most attractive, and getting absolutely poleaxed on whatever’s coming out of the taps. GOD-DAMN.

Are you excited? We’re excited. In fact, we’re so excited—we made a playlist called ‘Back 2 The Pub’. Pop it on, turn it up, crack a tin, and set your alarm for Monday, October 11.

Listen to Back 2 The Pub here. 

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