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This guy gave me a manila envelope labeled “Perma_Frost” with a skull and flake of snow printed on it and then I went and saw Electric Wizard by myself. I don't know anything about the occult, I just like slow, low riffs, and pot.
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Puerto Rico. It's a commonwealth of the United States, meaning that the dollar, your debit card, and Tinderall work just as well, if not better. Spanish is the official language, but not being fluent means that you're from somewhere else and are there to spend dough and party.
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HUF x Voutsa

Nowadays your average skateboarder isn't some kid who's incapable of imagining anything intimate with a girl, he's a pomade slicked dude who has slept with women twice his age.
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Spitfire x Volcom

The wind blasts through these socks like snot through cheap tissue. God I'm so lonely. When I'm not drinking I'm shoveling snow or crying. I barely sleep. I wish they sent five more hoodies. Those guys out west got it so easy. Burritos and schoolyards all year round.
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Warhol Cons

My dad grew up in Philadelphia which sounds alright. It actually probably sucked seeing as being a black person anywhere/anytime before thirty years ago sounds like it sucked.
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