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Will Slater

Will Slater spends half of the time photographing with utmost discretion and the other half getting yelled at for taking photos. I for one am yelling at him to take more. Somebody buy this kid a ticket around the world.
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An Alaskan Summer

Kendall Rock made her way to Alaska this summer to make a film for the Southeast Alaska Conservation Council. See photos of her trip here.
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Jake Michaels

Jake Michaels is doing something revolutionary with the iPhone camera. He’s not taking photos of his food or his face or his #gains; he’s taking photos of other people. Take a look at them here.
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Inside Milena Huhta’s Mind

Milena Huhta identifies with the angst of her characters: “I guess I'm a little angst-y person. A little darkness and honesty keeps things interesting.” Word.
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89 Miles Along the Tongue River

Arch Coal is set to establish a strip coal mine and construct an 89-mile stretch of railroad along The Tongue River in Montana, where artist William Carson grew up. He set out to travel the 89 mile stretch, and ended up with a body of artwork as gritty as the coal it's made from.
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