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Sean Yoro

Hula AKA Sean Yoro has discovered a way to combine his three loves: surfing, art, and the ocean. The result is a series of large-scale portraits that appear to be rising out from the water below.
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Scottie Cameron

“Be it through arrangement, composition or lighting, you can make a potato look happy, sad, or ashamed of its body shape. It's very entertaining."
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Stephano Cerio: Chinese Fun

Stephano Cerio lives and works in Rome and Paris. His “Chinese Fun” series is a collection of images of Chinese theme parks and other summer hot spots in the off-season.
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Losing Face with Artist Pepijn Simon

“I try to catch the person who reveals himself in the paint at that moment."
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Andreas Baumgartner’s Landscapes

Andreas grew up in a small rural Indiana town known for its furniture-making and Amish population. His grandparents were farmers, so he gained an appreciation for the landscapes of large fields you find in his work.
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