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j.frede: Homeless – Cab Driver – Artist

"Honey, get out of this area as quick as you can...These freaks will kill you."
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Biological Art: Ashley Williams

Ashley Williams is a student of the world, tried and true. Her most recent work stems from her interest in biological systems and patterns. See it here.
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Jeff Östberg

Growing up in Sweden, artist Jeff Östberg spent his time drawing, skateboarding, and snowboarding. Learn more about his process here.
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MC’s Guide to Art Basel

We're not going to Miami Art Basel, but we're already stressed out for those of you who are. Here's a list of the artists we think you should check out while you're there.
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Painting & Ants: Victoria Baraga

As a child, Argentinian painter Victoria Baraga would spend many hours of observing ants. Twenty years later, she has the same sense of curiosity: observing, experimenting and examining how things function.
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