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It was back in 2010 that Australian artist Jae Copp exhibited a proper body of works in a gallery. He's been hiding in that...
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Since he was a kid, Nigel Petrie had a fearless love for taking on speeds most of us wouldn't even dream of. Over time, his infatuation with fast cars and bikes has only grown.
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Jesse Lizotte – Born Too Late

Born Too Late gives a visual insight into Japan's new generation of underworld figures stuck between the staunchly traditional customs of their homeland and the extroverted influences of the west.
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Kyle Montgomery and his Crystal Marys

Montgomery takes the best bits from religion and spirituality and puts them into one epic sculpture. It just mean he's had to break old Mary's face in to do it.
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Jeff McMillan: Prigus Sports

Artist Jeff McMillan made a whole new sport, with imagined rules, teams, uniforms, and even mascots for his outrageous Prigus Sport exhibition.
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