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Roth’s Slow End

Philip Roth, who just two years ago retired—after previously claiming that he “could not conceive of a life without writing”—last night announced on BBC...
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Dan Shapiro

Here's Dan Shapiro's commentary on short artist feature clips  
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George Plimpton Documentary

Tonight PBS is premiering the documentary Plimpton! Starring George Plimpton as Himself detailing the man's life and career. A massively influential figure, even a...
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Michael Jang at KK LA

The Jangs X Los Angeles consists of four decades worth of Michael Jang's photographs of his immediate and extended family. Heavily influenced by the...
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Reportage: Yuri Kozyrev in Iraq

After the invasion of Ba’athist Iraq by American and UK forces back in March 2003 and the removal of Saddam Hussein's regime shortly after,...
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