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Making a Spectacle With NYC Street Photographer Martin Cartagena

“I’ve had a knife pulled on me once, I’ve been chased... all types of sketchy situations.”
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The Gooch Palms Talk Relentless Touring and Chasing Aliens in Texas

"I took a deep breath and then didn’t exhale for like two years... it just got too much.”
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Meet Milkpunch, the Sydney Band Making Psych-Pop Under the Flight Path

“Every four planes there would be a break, so I'd record a lot in those 15 minutes."
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Dumb Punts Talk Tuck Shops, Violent Seccies and New Album

Get acquainted with the Melbourne trio dishing up raw garage rock.
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Playing Tour Guide in Alma, North America’s Highest Town

After the nausea and vomiting's done, you'll have a good time. Maybe.
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