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Paul Kelly Talks Regular Jobs, Indigenous Activism and His 24th Studio Album

“It was the first time I’d heard my own song coming back at me from somewhere else... that was a moment.”
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Making a Spectacle With NYC Street Photographer Martin Cartagena

“I’ve had a knife pulled on me once, I’ve been chased... all types of sketchy situations.”
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The Gooch Palms Talk Relentless Touring and Chasing Aliens in Texas

"I took a deep breath and then didn’t exhale for like two years... it just got too much.”
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Meet Milkpunch, the Sydney Band Making Psych-Pop Under the Flight Path

“Every four planes there would be a break, so I'd record a lot in those 15 minutes."
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Dumb Punts Talk Tuck Shops, Violent Seccies and New Album

Get acquainted with the Melbourne trio dishing up raw garage rock.
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