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Monster Children at Agenda

Our editor, Jason, is always complaining about having to attend trade shows. ‘I don’t know how to talk the talk,’ he says. ‘I don’t...
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Converse All Star Black Sabbath

The four designs feature imagery from different Sabbath albums:  Black Sabbath, Paranoid, Never Say Die! and VOL. 4. Buy here  
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Page 33: Tatiana from Issue 41

Downtown Girl: Tatiana, 20, East Village, New York. "Make sure you include East Village, I don't want anybody thinking I'm an uptown girl." It's pretty clear right from the get-go that Tatiana is no Billy Joel fan, which has cast her in a dim light in my eyes and ruined at least 41 of the 33 questions I've written down to ask her
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TEN YEARS OF MC BOOK // Natas Kaupas

Since 2005 Monster Children and Natas Kaupas–the legendary skater Natas Kaupas–have been the best of friends.
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Spot Drought

The Stem skate team embark on a notorious journey through the North Island, New Zealand in search of the perfect skate spot.
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