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Neon Wetsuits

Tired of shitty wetsuits that didn't fit and were 'mostly embellished with pink hibiscus flowers', British-based surfer Elsie Pinniger began to design her own. A...
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Monster Children 10 Year Book

Have you heard? We’ve been publishing this baby since 2003. That’s ten whole years of Monster Children. Ten! And to celebrate we’re releasing a big, fat book.
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Tribeca Film Fest Submissions

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JrBgSZIQAz0 Here's the trailer for 'The Broken Circle Breakdown', which won the Best Screenplay Narrative Award at the Tribeca Film Fest last year, which follows a...
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Adidas Skate Presents Kevin Lowry

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9miF-ki0AXA Canadian-born Kevin Lowry has joined Adidas's international skate team. Here's a short by Chris Mulhern, Torsten Frank, and Dan Wolfe covering Kevin in Canada,...
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Five Minutes with Dirty Beaches

  Alex Zhang Hungtai - also known as Dirty Beaches - is a Taiwanese-born Canadian musician. He's released a great deal of instrumentally-focused music over...
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