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Watch: Noa Deane – Tuff

Thirteen minutes of fresh Noa Deane footage? Fucking. Yes. From the opening wave, surfing that weird twin fin, you know that this clip is going to be something special. And from that the opening wave on, surfing that weird twin fin, it really is.
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Lens: Digby Ayton

Hailing from Hobart, Tasmania, photographer Digby Ayton spent his adolescence adventuring around the Apple Isle’s most isolated surf breaks.
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Watch: Tommy Witt Super 8 Sessions

This is pretty sweet. A quick throwback style clip of modern underground logger Tommy Witt.
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Watch: Summer is Dead

Get ready to feel nostalgic as hell thanks to Andrew Waller's video, Summer is Dead. It'll leave you yearning for the hot, salty, bare-foot days of yore.
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Warren Smith by Mat O’Brien

Photographer Mat O'Brien tells the story behind this shot of surfer Warren Smith, taken in Port Macquarie, Australia. Despite lifeguards scrolling through his photos due to complaints, he managed to keep the shot.
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