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Jack Freestone’s Brisk

Australia’s winter is over. Done. Finished. Check-ya next year. All we have to show for it is this very good edit of Jack Freestone’s time around Queensland and the South Australian desert in the colder months.
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Film Review: Volcom’s Psychic Migrations

A real trip, a psychic migration, an exercise in aesthetic, whatever—this is a beautifully put together scrapbook of the Volcom team over the course of a year.
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Dion Agius And The Art of Doing Stuff

We talk to professional surfer and all-round stuff-doer, Dion Agius, about his new front-deck-grip-pad company, Octopus.
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Woody Gooch

Woody Gooch is a young photographer is from the Sunshine Coast of Australia, and also might be the pre-eminent rising star of surf photography in the world.
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Watch: Noa Deane – Tuff

Thirteen minutes of fresh Noa Deane footage? Fucking. Yes. From the opening wave, surfing that weird twin fin, you know that this clip is going to be something special. And from that the opening wave on, surfing that weird twin fin, it really is.
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