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There's an exhibition in SD this weekend that you should attend. But if you can't, feast your eyes on exhibiting photographer and filmer Chase Cruz's work here instead.
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Brixton ReStitched

The stylish crew at Brixton have just dreamed up another reason why we all need hats. Brixton ReStitched began as a way for the design team to experiment with different resources and design methods.
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Jonny Alexander is a painter who calls the beach his studio. We hit the sand with him for an afternoon booze break to hear more about his pattern making techniques and life mantras.
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10 Things We Hate About Being Identical Twins

The downsides of DNA.
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Tod Seelie’s Outland Empire

Tod Seelie is a photographer who takes risks. He's been kidnapped at gunpoint, evaded cops, and even escaped a K9 unit once. All in a days work, right? Feast your eyeballs on some of his best shots here, and be sure to check out his exhibition if you're in Los Angeles this weekend.
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