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Release the Crowd by Nic Bezzina

Cameras document certain human emotion in a way that memory simply cannot. The way Nic Bezzina captures crowds at music gigs is testament to that. See some of his show-stoppers here.
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Alex G

Alex G is an LA native and painter. Inspired by eavesdropping and the world of cinema, he creates characters who roam in their white tees through a contemporary paradise.
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The Intricacies of Kelsey Brookes

Think of the most tedious task you've ever done. Now repeat it daily. This is the process of painter Kelsey Brookes, who paints with the steady hand of a disease research lab scientist, because he once was one.
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The Long Road to Brixton

A former TransWorld employee, David Stoddard partnered with fellow TW employees Jason Young and Mike Chapin to start a business. The trio worked graveyard shifts on top of their day jobs and over nearly two years, Brixton was born.
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Fake History: Porous Walker

Porous Walker is relatable because he likes to make people laugh. We interviewed Porous to celebrate his undying love for illustration and a new group show where you can play one of his favorite games.
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