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Introducing The Legendary Tigerman

While listening to Femina, I had this epiphany: What about an interview with The Legendary Tigerman? And yeah, it happened. We caught with him in the middle of his world tour for his album True, and asked the one man band some questions.
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Mark Vassallo

Somehow, our contributor Katja managed to interview Mark Vassallo. Katja lives in Slovenia, Mark in Australia. Half our staff live in Sydney. Way to beat us at our own game, Katja.
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Kate Bellm

Kate Bellm is an English-born, Berlin-based photographer. By the list of countries and places she's visited, is quite hard to believe that she's only 26 years old.
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I saw him at a Sindikat party. He was wearing high heels and gold leggings. That motherfucker has better legs that half of the girls out there. And that is the first thing I think of, when I think of him: his perfect little pins.
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Captivating Synchrodogs

That moment when imagination and reality come together, blending in a mesmerizing outcome. Haunting images with an eerie feel despite all the color use. Meet the Ukrainian art-brut savage duo Synchrodogs.
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