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7 Things to do if You’re Alone for Thanksgiving

"Fuck your family. Go to Spain."
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Things I’d do if I had a Time Machine

Yes sir, you could do a lot of fun stuff with a Time Machine–and now, with the recent experiments in Switzerland, time travel is a distinct possibility.
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Quiet Life x John Herndon

The Quiet Life's latest collection is a collaboration with renowned Chicago/Los Angeles based musician, tattoo and illustration artist, John Herndon, and it's guaranteed to get your socks wet.
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National Geographic is Fucked

The recent Fox/NatGeo merger (a for-profit venture that cost Rupert the Lizard $725m) effectively hands complete control of The National Geographic Society over to Fox.
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Harold Holt Found!

The skeletal remains of what authorities are saying might well be Australian Prime Minister Harold Holt have been found in a 50 year-old shark in Mexico.
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