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2014 Nike x SbA Am Titles.

Skateboarding Australia have just launched a new nation-wide amateur comp with over $100,000 worth of prize money. $100,000? Fuck me. You were lucky to...
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White Chocolate!

I know it’s desperately uncool to lament the death of a celebrity on social media, but Phillip Seymour Hoffman was the God-damn-shit. It really...
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If you're like me, you cry when you orgasm, but you also appreciate a good pair of underpants. Surfenators Josh Kerr and Chippa Wilson...
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More proof that God either doesn’t exist or just hates me: Morrissey is coming to New York this week for a book signing, but I’ll be in Vancouver signing my book, and by ‘signing my book’ I mean ‘partying my dick off
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True New York Stories #386

I was at the bar last night with some friends and this bloke in his late 50s walks in with a couple of huge balloons under his t-shirt.
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