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A Quick Chat with Brown Cardigan

"When will memes go away?"
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Your Stars With a Homophobic Driving Instructor

Sagittarius Nov 22 – Dec 20: A pledge made in haste a while back returns to haunt you this month, but don’t worry, you’ll pass your drivers exam. Do you work out? You look like you work out. Make a right up here.
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Happy Ratcatcher’s Day

Today is Ratcatcher's Day. To celebrate, Todd Francis drew a picture of a rat giving the whole world the finger, and Crombie wrote a story about the time he saw a rat infestation so awful it rivaled the horrors of war.
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Things You Shouldn’t Google Right Before Bed

Ready to stay wide awake until sunrise?
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When we came up with idea for the ‘Jazz,’ ‘Pancakes,’ and ‘Herpes’ comp, we really didn’t think anyone would have the time, energy, or mental instability to actually enter the competition
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