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Reader’s Letters

We get a lot of letters from our readers, and for the most part they’re ‘I love the mag’ letters. Some of them are ‘I am going to break into your home and kill you in your sleep’ letters, but we generally receive nice mail. Today we received this letter from a person named Eckhart Ebergard.
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No Spring Chicken Record Review: U2’s ‘ZOOROPA’

Before you say a word, anyone who hates this record is a poser. I’m not going to bang the drum for U2, 1994–2014 (which will piss off about eight people), and I’ll admit I’m extraordinarily stoned right now, but I can’t discredit this album.
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CHIRP: A Collection of Andy Jenkins Illustrations from The Skateboard Mag

Do you get emails from the legendary artist Andy Jenkins? I do. I get them all the time. Here's today's: Hey Stud. I've started a...
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On The Road. Last Days: Panama City, FLA

I loved New Orleans. Besides the miraculous cross-cultural melting pot thing, the rich history thing, the crackling creative energy thing, and the whole chugging-daiquiris-wherever-you-go...
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Dirty Fences Euro Tour!

Our good buddies, Dirty Fences, are doing a July tour of Europe. Are you from Europe? Do you like Rock n’ Roll? Do you...
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