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  I have many bad habits. I eat candy past the point of feeling nauseous, I don’t really wash my feet, and I buy more...
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Derek Henderson

In a decades-long-career shooting portaits, landscapes and fashion, Derek Henderson has honoured his photographic gift by never missing a perfectly timed chance to share it with the world.
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This Guy is Having a Photo Show

This guy. He's having a photo show. Should you go? I don't know, maybe. Am I going? Maybe. Depends really. I've started re-watching Sherlock...
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Bleddyn Butcher

Nick Cave, Mick Harvey, Rowland S Howard, Tracy Pew and Phil Calvert were The Birthday Party, and they were a hot spray of bloody spittle in the face of those dreadful bands that filled the void left by punk.
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Shark Toof Mural Shocker

My old buddy, Ed Zipco, wrote me this letter today. I think you should read it. It’s about an important thing. I’ve left all...
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