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Reasons My Cat Is Ridiculous

I have a cat. Her name is Furgazi and she is grey. Yesterday she vomited on my duvet and I said, ‘you little asshole....
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Highlights of Working With Mike D

When HQ called to say Mike D was guest editing issue #43, I thought, This is it, it’s finally happened: one of the Beastie...
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T’Aint No Sprang Chaikin’ Rekerd Revooo: ‘Teenage Snuff Film’ by Rowland S. Howard

I used to see Rowland S. Howard occasionally when I lived in St Kilda. That was in the 90s. Did I ever tell you...
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This looks soooooo good. The documentary Rich Hill is an examination of the challenges, hopes and dreams of three young residents of a rural...
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Things that rule about living alone

I’m a single man and I live alone. I also inherited a cat recently. Sounds pathetic and depressing, don’t it? Well guess what? It’s the best thing that ever happened to me.
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