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Look Away, Todd Francis

Todd Francis is an artist, a gentleman, and, if I had to guess, an Aquarius. His new book, Look Away, is a selection of works from Todd's twenty-odd year career as an artist, and we called him up to talk about it.
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On The Road. Day 7

It’s interesting how quickly humans invent their own culture when they’re isolated. We have a language now. We had the making of a language...
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On The Road. Day 6

We got the fuck out of Kingman. We rented a car and aimed it for Flagstaff, a college town with lots of people and...
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MC Editor Jason Crombie

I'm a very unhappy person. To know me, you wouldn't think so, but I'm absolutely miserable. Tears of a clown I guess. This playlist I made to accompany issue #43 is a direct reflection of my inner turmoil, my self loathing...
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On The Road. Day 5

Get us the fuck out of Kingman. The repair shop will have our car ready by Wednesday, but that’s so far away. 48 hours...
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