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Jimmy Buffett’s Tailgate Party

On Tuesday morning, we took our bicycles on the train to Long Island and rode them out to Jones Beach, where we encountered the craziest party I’ve ever witnessed.
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If you think Nashville is just some landlocked city in the middle of America like all the rest, think again. It’s a lively scene, full of creative people with that Southern hospitality you wish existed in the rest of the world.
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Lens: Brian Kelley

Brian Kelley is a commercial photographer, skateboarder, and a humble and friendly creative who ends every text message he sends with a smiley face emoji. He also takes fantastic photos. Take a look here.
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Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico is a square-shaped rock in the middle of the Caribbean. The Spaniards invaded and took the place over back in the 1500s, and today, people from all nations invade the field to take selfies in front of the castle.
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Mellow Minds Zine Night

Theres an exclusive zine swap club in Brooklyn akin to the Stonecutters. Invites are exchanged by text message only, and we know someone VIP enough to get the phone beep.
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