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UNIV x Hosoi Hammerhead

The UNIV x Hosoi Hammerhead surfboard collaboration was shaped by Christian Hosoi and UNIV's own James Addonizio in the UNIV Work Shop. The Hammerhead...
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The Album That Changed Everything: Slint ‘Spiderland’

“Seminal album” is an overused phrase in the vernacular of music reviewers and audio snobs. But there is an album that wholly deserves the “seminal” tag: the 1991 album, 'Spiderland' by the Kentucky quartet, Slint.
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UNIV x Juxtapoz Surfcraft Art Exhibition To Benefit The Philippines

Juxtapoz Magazine x UNIV and Chandran Gallery curated and organized a group of 19 contemporary artists to create custom artwork on UNIV surfcraft to...
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True To This Is Here

Volcom celebrates an important anniversary with a new film.
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Getting Down With The Women Of Warpaint

Warpaint is a band from Los Angeles, California that you really should be listening to right about now. This all-female foursome plays music that meshes darkness with light
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