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Whether you're sitting around drinking, or trying to get stoked to skate, I've found these 5 videos entertaining and somewhat inspirational. Take them as...
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Side Streets: Taylor Caruso

"Dude, I'm juiced!" is the first quote I think of when Taylor Caruso pops into mind. Whether it's about a gnarly trick he just got, or if it's about seeing Penelope Cruz at his valet job in West Hollywood.
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Side Streets: Will Rosenstock

Will Rosenstock of Bust Crew is the epitome of a skaters skater. If his body allowed him, I think the dude would skate 24 hours a day. Not only is he a 100 percent skate rat, hes also awesome behind the lens.
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Side Streets: The Ram Interview

Kyle Smith was born in 1991, the year of the Ram. A zodiac sign that represents someones general mood to be negative and somewhat pessimistic.
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. by Cameron Holland

A collection of footage with Ernie Torres, Christian Malouf, Alex Schmidt, Ryan Gallant, Logan Taylor, Ryan Bobier, Dee Ostrander, Chad Bartie, Shuriken Shannon, JT Aultz, Jordan Taylor ...
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